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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

...Carli & Scott... [wedding]

I decided that while I'm finishing up Carli & Scott's reception photos, I'd post their temple part to tide them over :] I feel terrible that my turn around time has slowed drastically down, I have been blessed to have an abundance of weddings the past while, so I apologize to those couples who have to wait a little longer than anticipated! I appreciate your patience!

Carli & Scott are so in love, I could literally feel it. They met through friends after they both came home from their missions. Come to find out, they served in the EXACT SAME mission but barely missed meeting each other as Scott went home, Carli left home! What an awesome thing to have in common, now they can go back and visit their missions together & tell their future kids all the awesome stories!

This wedding was absolutely adorable. I loved every little detail, and so did my sister-in-law Megan who came to second shoot w/ me at their reception. I will hopefully post the reception photos in the near future but until then, enjoy these goodies! :]



Megs said...

This is probably my favorite wedding you have done. The pictures are so artistic.

karlee said...

what an adorable couple! I love her dress. She's way too cute to be a missionary! I don't know why but I always picture sister missionaries to be, well,frumpy. Mean, but it's true.

Awesome photos!!!

Cody, Laura & Emma Hulsey said...

I love her dress! They are so cute together! That is so crazy that they both served in the same mission. These pictures are amazing and so original.

Dev said...

Good job Rach! You're amazing! :)