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Friday, March 5, 2010

...Last Resort...

So, I am kinda embarrassed to do this ESPECIALLY on my blog.. but hear me out first. So I had the privilege of doing a studio session with two adorable girls last week & told their Mother that I would call her this week to set up a time to come proof their images. I made it a huge point to get her number & put it right into my phone. Well turns out a couple days ago my phones entire contact list got WIPED OUT..erased.. COMPLETELY GONE! It's perfect.. I know! I tried brainstorming other ideas on how to contact this sweet lady.. but she originally had contacted me through phone so I had NO email.. so THIS is my LAST RESORT.. would the sweet Mother of this gorgeous girl {pictured below} please give me a call so we can schedule an appointment?! So sorry & THANKS!



Meghann said...

Both of these sneak peaks are beautiful! I'm so excited to see more :)

RaeAnne said...

I love her freckles! And that chair...I'm jealous!