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Sunday, December 28, 2008

...Micah- What a stud...

I love this shoot, just because it was SO spur of the moment & quick, yet turned out better than I had hoped! I mainly did this shoot for my Mother's Christmas gift & was only aiming to get a great headshot of my littlest brother Micah. We turned out going to a sweet place by my parent's house & got some really great shots of Micah. On this shoot, I really came to realize how much Micah really has grown up in the past year (especially the last few months) it's incredible. It's crazy how fast life passes by when you're not looking.. I love you bro!! I hope you guys enjoy these shots... :]

[♥ Rach]


Juresk said...

This is by my house...... where???

Meghann said...

I adore these photos! It makes me all teary thinking about how much Micah has grown up, he's such a great kid!

Megs said...

Yup, it's official, Micah has grown up. Scary. We're so old now. :)

karlee said...

Rachael, Its karlee Larson, from bloomington. that was long ago.. don't know if you even remember me!
I saw your family Christmas letter at my parents and saw that you were into photography and wanted to check out your work. You are SO good!! I love the pictures. Best of luck in your business.
Congrats on the wedding.. You looked so pretty in the picture.
I hope you're doing well.