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Friday, January 2, 2009

...Winter Warmth...

Despite the freezing weather, these girls sure knew how to warm up a photo. We went out shooting in the cold snow, & come to find out ALL 3 girls were wearing flats! How on earth are they supposed to walk through the snow without getting frostbite! So I had to stamp down the snow with my boots so these girls wouldn't lose toes.. It was worth the extra work :]
Let me know what you think!

[♥ Rach]


Jeff and Kiera said...

You do such a great job. The thing I love the most about your editing is the eyes. You do such a great job at making them pop. That is something i think is important, that is usually the think i look at when i see my pics of myself. You do so good. I love being able to look at your work.

Dustin Izatt said...

you are good :)

karlee said...

I have a question.. I am blogger impaired i swear. How do you make your photos large like that but still in focus? I tried changing it in the html code, they were bigger, but blury! Is that because I took them from my iPhoto where they are small or something? Help an old friend!
I LOVE your pictures. You are SO good!