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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

..Another Step in the Right Direction!..

Yep, that's right we are moving on up with the big boys. ha ha NO REALLY though my website is OFFICIALLY LIVE!! I've been waiting for what seems like forever & after all the holidays and business the fellas at bludomain finally got my website up! So go on.. go check it out! & tell your friends :]


Beki Jo said...

Hey when your ready for an accountant let me know! I'm your girl!

Ann said...

Rachael...your photography is absolutely beautiful. I'm excited to email the link to Kelli. You have a gift.

karlee said...

Classes from Cherie Preece with Preece Photography.. Shes just doing it out of her home. There are three of us in the Photo class and just me in the photoshop class. Its going to be great!
A lady in the Library came and asked me if I had a photo pass half way through the shoot. I had no idea about it and she said for any commercial or professional shoot I needed one. I told her it was just a friend taking a friends pictures but she insisted. We just finished up and left.
Do you have to pay for a Photo pass? Thats lame if you do.

karlee said...

I have a Canon Rebel Xti. Its a pretty good camera to learn on. I bought it earlier this year with the tax rebate.
I took 2 classes over the summer (the community and DSC get together and do classes) There were a lot of old people in the class who needed reminders on EVERYTHING so the class didn't learn very much. The teacher wasn't that great either.. THis time it's going to be great. Had a class on Sat and I learned a whole bunch!