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Saturday, April 11, 2009


I've been slammed this week, not to mention dealing with a sickness so I'm sorry this has taken a bit longer than usual! Please forgive me everyone :]

We did this shoot in almost the worst part of an incredibly sunny day but it was the only possibility since Annelie had to catch a flight home to Chicago the same afternoon. The sun was so harsh, but we dealt with what we were given..

Annelie, I hope you like these few photos I was able to round up for the post :]

This first ones my fav..

[♥ Rach]

Many of you will recognize this, the SLC temple was a request of Annelie's. I think living so close we almost take this place for granted. What a beautiful place.


Megs said...

I really like the second one - all the black/darkness. You just keep getting better and better, Rach! Can't wait to do Em's 3 month's next weekend! :)

Angel said...

Awesome shots!