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Thursday, June 18, 2009

...Brindie & Tate... [engagements]

Meet my cute friends. I met Brindie because she hired me to do the photography for her wedding, but we have become quite the best of friends in the last few months! We had such a fun time shooting their engagements in Brindie's hometown, even though she got hit on by a drunk old man :]
Tate is a former quarterback for Weber State, and is now working as a lawyer. Brindie is recovering from breaking her leg which required surgery & screws.. NOT fun.. and is a wonderful Mom. These two are super cute & they were MADE for eachother.



Shanna said...

rach you are so amazing! i love the pic with the dandilions, it looks so heavenly! someday i'm gonna have you take some of my family. you're so talented rach!

Cody, Laura & Emma Hulsey said...

They are all really good rach, as usual, I love the one with the big sprinklers though!

Meghann said...

These are beautiful! I love the country feel to them. The locations remind me of home. :)

Tate, Brindie and Kyden said...

Rach, I love them, YAY. XOXO Seriously if your just checking out Rachael to hire her. DO IT.