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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

...Carly & Chase... [wedding dinner]

I was so excited when Carly asked me to photograph their wedding dinner, I've known Carly for many years. We first met by being on the same rec basketball team in junior high. I've always looked up to Carly as someone I'd like to be more like. She is genuine and kind, not to mention unbelievably gorgeous! :) I was so excited to hear that her and Chase were getting married because I graduated with Chase & knew he was such a great guy.
I had a hard time narrowing down to these images, there were so many candids but I just don't have enough time to put them all up! I hope you enjoy!
CONGRATS Carly & Chase on your new life together! Keep in touch.



Cody, Laura & Emma Hulsey said...

cute! yes carly is way cute and so nice! I didn't know chase all that well though! They look so cute together! You did a great job rach!

Megs said...

The food pictures made me hungry. They are a beautiful couple. You did a great job capturing the event.

Meghann said...

Well done rach, I love your eye for candids you get great moments.