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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

...Emerie... [1 yr sneak peek]

Hey you guys, I know I have been neglecting the blog lately but it's not because I haven't been photographing! I have been insanely busy and to add to the stress I had some major computer issues that prevented me from doing any editing! :( It seems to be fixed now so I am trying hard to catch up. I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek at my very first studio session ever, my niece Emerie! She's such a doll, and quite the stinker! She gave me a run for my money but it was an overall success and we got some darling shots of her. I cannot believe she is turning one in less than 3 weeks! I swear it was just yesterday that I photographed her newborns! Check them out here.
More to come I promise!



Shanda said...

Totally adorable!!

Megs said...

I'm sorry she was such a stinker. Mobility can be a definite issue :) I love all of the pictures, so much, though - so THANK YOU! Love you!

Meghann said...

dang cute!