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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

...Janae & Taylor... [Engagements]

We had lots of fun on this shoot discovering new spots to shoot & doing a little exploring. Good thing Desiree was there to help with her mad google map skills. (& of course her mad reflector holding skills as well) I absolutely loved how smiley & happy these two were during their session. The first thing Janae said to me as we were getting out of the car was how they both were not photogenic whatsoever. WHATEVER GIRL! These images prove otherwise, you rocked it! :) I kinda think it's cute when my clients are a little camera shy at first.. I always seem to get them to open up somehow though.
Anyway, Janae & Taylor met at school (BYU) and Taylor swore he wouldn't get married sooner than a year or two after he returned home from his mission... AND Janae swore she wasn't going to get married anytime soon either. Crazy what love can do ain't it?
Taylor is originally from CA & Janae is from Vegas but they didn't have trouble deciding that they would be married in the Las Vegas temple in August. I am super excited to shoot my first wedding there!



Sam and Tara said...

They look like so much fun!! And I am SOO jealous of shooting at the Las Vegas Temple! I passed through there on vacation, and one of my goals is to shoot at that Temple!! SOOOOO gorgeous there! You will of course rock it, just like you rocked these pictures! Great job!

Meghann said...

I really enjoy looking at this fun new location! They are dang cute together!

Jonathan, Desiree, and Ayden said...

This was such a fun shoot and they turned out so cute! Good job camera lady!